Blizzard and Google’s DeepMind join forces for Starcraft II

Then, Blizzard will release a series of SC2 replays of professional and amateur games to give the AIs a dataset to learn from visual information. Image Source: Google U.S. Anaheim, Calif. – Google Inc. (NASDAQ: researchesGOOGL) owned DeepMind machine learning startup is collaborating with Blizzard game studio to create the ultimate artificial intelligence research environment inside StarCraft II. DeepMind will not build an unstoppable AI on its own. Instead, both companies will release a series of programming tools on early 2017 that will allow researchers and hobbyist around the world build and train their bots to play Starcraft II. Google’s DeepMind researcher Orion Vinyals made the announcement during BlizzCon 2016 at Anaheim, California. Vinyals was the top-ranked SC2 player in Spain’s leaderboards before becoming a top scientist in the British…

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