Brain Matters: Neuroscience News of the Week, 14 November

November 14, 2015 The best neuroscience news this week from around the web: MIT Technology Review – To Study the Brain, a Doctor Puts Himself Under the Knife [MEDIUM SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ] PERSONAL RESEARCH: Scientists work pretty hard at their jobs, making sacrifices in the pursuit of knowledge. But opening up your own skull to implant a brain–machine interface is more than your typical sacrifice. So is American neuroscientist Phil Kennedy crazy or just really, really dedicated to science? You be the judge! BrainBlogger – Is Placebo More Powerful Than Antidepressants and Psychotherapy? [SIMPLE SCIENCE / MEDIUM READ] MIND OVER MATTER: Believe it or not, the placebo effect may be growing. In the case of depression treatment, this is making people question what additional benefits are provided by drugs and…

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