Building model for titanic

I have plotted mosaic for Embarked, Survived Pclass, Survived Sex, Survived Parch, Survived SibSp, Survived After seeing the plot it is reasonable that Embarked, Pclass, Sex, Parch, SibSp will explain the survival of the passengers. So I built a decision tree model using rpart model <- rpart(Survived ~ SibSp + Parch + Sex + Pclass + Embarked, data = data, method = “class”) # got 0.77990 points on submission But when I plotted the decision tree. SibSp and Parch do not appear anywhere. It means SibSp and Parch are not playing any role in predicting survival. Next I have included age to the previous formula model <- rpart(Survived ~ Age + SibSp + Parch + Sex + Pclass + Embarked, data = data, method = “class”) # again got 0.77990…

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