Busting the Hype Behind Deep Neural Networks

Many technologists who are not also neuroscientists would like us to believe that human-like artificial intelligence—or something close to it—is right around the corner. Just a discovery or two away. Less attention is given to the actual gulf between our current knowledge and capabilities and that actual future. We’re to assume instead that it’s trivial, at least in the sense that it will soon be bridged and that this bridging is inevitable. And so concepts like machine intelligence and neural networks are tossed around like sci-fi props. Luke Hewitt, a doctoral student at the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, is particularly concerned about the “unreasonable reputation” of neural networks. In a post at MIT’s Thinking Machines blog, he argues that there are good reasons to be more skeptical.…

Link to Full Article: Busting the Hype Behind Deep Neural Networks

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