Chatbots: The next step in the evolution of contact centres

‘Chatbots’, or ‘chatter robots’, are computer programmes that mimic conversations with people using artificial intelligence. According to the BBC , the very first chatbot is widely believed to have been invented in the 1960s by Joseph Wiezenbaum at MIT’s artificial intelligence laboratory. ‘Eliza’ was able to process natural language and posed as a therapist although she only had rudimentary skills and answered a lot of questions with other questions! After that, chatbots seemed to have disappeared off the planet or considered an element of science fiction. So why, 50 years on, are chatbots the latest hot topic? Why have they taken so long to become a reality? Chatbots: Why now? Firstly, advances in technology and recent developments in artificial intelligence, such as deep learning and neural networks, have allowed chatbots…

Link to Full Article: Chatbots: The next step in the evolution of contact centres

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