Chatty app from Facebook helps the sight-impaired ‘see’

facebooktwitterlinkedingoogleplusemailcommentsmoreredditpinteresttumblrEnlarge Image<div id=”7d35bf8d-fb24-48c7-9be5-308206127b9b” class=”enlargeImage” data-component=”globalModal” data-global-modal-options=”{“content”:””,”modalTemplate”:”{{content}}”}”/>Mike Schroepfer discusses recent developments by the Facebook AI Research team. Stephen Shankland/CNET DUBLIN — Facebook could soon tell you what you’re looking at. The social network has developed an app that invites those with impaired vision to ask questions about photos and have the answers read to them. Speaking here today at the annual Web Summit Internet conference, Facebook Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer showed off the company’s latest advances in artificial intelligence, including the experimental photo app. Known by Facebook as Visual Q&A, the app lets people ask questions about a picture to form an idea of what it depicts, even when they can’t see it. When presented with a picture of a friend’s baby, for instance, you might ask, “Where is the…

Link to Full Article: Chatty app from Facebook helps the sight-impaired ‘see’

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