CMU spinoff makes robots that are more than toys

Updated less than a minute ago Robots haven’t taken over the world … yet. But they have taken over Christmas. Meet Cozmo, a Pixar-like toy truck with artificial intelligence software so advanced it can recognize the family pet. It’s one of the hottest toys this season. Cozmo will challenge you to games and yelp and flail in terror if it’s about to drive off a table — but won’t go over the edge. “We’re right at this edge where people are figuring out how to make physical robots that are doing something fun,” said Hanns Tappeiner, co-founder & president of Anki, the company behind Cozmo and OVERDRIVE, a live-action racing game in which you race against a computer car equipped with technology similar to a self-driving car. “They’re not toys.…

Link to Full Article: CMU spinoff makes robots that are more than toys

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