Cognitive reasoning makes bots less artificial and more intelligent

Cost reduction efforts in customer services have largely delivered atrocious results. Consumers now have low expectations and are bored of long call queues and pesky IVRs (interactive voice responses). It’s not just enterprises that want a virtual relationship with customers, a significant percentage of us now prefer to self-manage our utilities, banking and insurance, but with human support when we need it. So what role can cognitive reasoning play in improving service? You can automate a task, but you can’t automate a person. Artificial intelligence or AI works best in narrow use cases and there are still few successful customer-facing cognitive projects. Who would want to delegate customer relationship management to two dimensional, non-conversational AI bots? Siri, Cortana and Echo are trying to be your personal assistant, to help you…

Link to Full Article: Cognitive reasoning makes bots less artificial and more intelligent

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