Comment: Can neuroscience explain why people are sexist?

Japanese neuroscientists have identified two brain areas where people who hold sexist attitudes have different levels of grey-matter density, as compared with people who profess a belief in gender equality. 30 Oct 2015 – 8:08 AM  UPDATED 56 MINS AGO Neuroscientists, for obvious reasons, are really interested in finding out what’s different about the brains of people with unpleasant personalities, such as narcissists, or unsavory habits, like porn addiction. Their hope is that by studying these people’s brains we might learn more about the causes of bad character, and ways to helpfully intervene. Now to the list of character flaws that’ve received the brain-scanner treatment we can apparently add sexism — a new Japanese study published in Scientific Reports claims to have found its neurological imprint. The researchers wanted to know whether there is something different about certain…

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