Compromised smartwatches can glean your PIN code

Some institutions, like schools, have banned the use of smartwatches because of their ability to spy and cheat but there might be a worse scenario that involves these wearable devices (unless you’re like Hermione who thinks expulsion is a fate worse than death). According to researcher Tony Beltramelli, a smartwatch’s motion sensors can be used together with a Deep Learning program in order to interpret the wearer’s hand movements when entering a PIN on a 12-digit keypad, whether it be a physical one like an ATM or a virtual one on a phone or tablet. In theory, it sounds simple and even probably scary. A smartwatch, of course, has a couple of sensors that detect movement. An app installed on the smartwatch could detect these movements and send that sensor…

Link to Full Article: Compromised smartwatches can glean your PIN code

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