Computers ‘cheat’ the Turing test by staying silent

Mathematician Alan Turing’s test for artificial intelligence doesn’t hold up if a machine – or anything – takes the Fifth Amendment.BILL SANDERSON / Getty Images What happens if a computer exercises the right to remain silent during a Turing test? This is the question posed by Kevin Warwick and Huma Shah at Coventry University in the UK, who found the Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution – that no person can be compelled to testify against him or herself – to be a stumbling block in the classic test for artificial intelligence. The claim was published in the Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Artificial Intelligence. In 1950, famed English mathematician Alan Turing devised a test to determine if a computer could “think” well enough to fool humans. His “imitation game”,…

Link to Full Article: Computers ‘cheat’ the Turing test by staying silent

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