Concerns as face recognition tech used to ‘identify’ criminals

Let’s face it: tech is throwing up many new ethical challenges Maikid/Getty By Timothy Revell What can your face say about you? Face recognition technology can pick up on things like your age, gender and maybe even your mood. Now, two researchers say it could even tell whether you’re a criminal. They are claiming to have developed a system that, when shown a series of faces it has never encountered before, can pick out the ones belonging to convicted criminals. But other researchers have criticised the results, and say the work raises ethical questions over what face recognition technology can and should be used to detect. It’s clearly an “emotionally charged” subject, says Xiaolin Wu at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada, who co-authored the study. He and his colleague Xi…

Link to Full Article: Concerns as face recognition tech used to ‘identify’ criminals

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