Convergence Science: Shaping 21st Century Psychiatry

THE FUTURE OF PSYCHIATRY The Medici effect encapsulates the benefits of cross-pollination and interaction between individuals and teams from different fields in the pursuit of innovation. It is named after the wealthy Medici family who helped catalyze the Renaissance by bringing together poets, philosophers, scientists, painters, and other artisans to Florence, Italy. We believe the modern Medici effect is convergence science, and it is set to revolutionize health and medicine in the 21st century given the interplays occurring among physical, computer, and life sciences. Convergence science is defined as the merging of distinct technologies, industries, tools, disciplines, or devices into a unified whole to create new pathways and opportunities. Convergence relies on a new integrated approach to solving problems too complex for any single discipline. Sharp and Langer1 described convergence…

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