Cornell Tech forms cybersecurity research team

Jan. 13, 2016 Cornell Tech forms cybersecurity research team Juels Pass Ristenpart Shmatikov Cornell Tech has formed one of the world’s leading research groups specializing in cybersecurity, privacy and cryptography. The four scientists in the group are known for their influence on industry, nonprofit and government practice, as well as for their highly cited, award-winning research. Their work spans data encryption, cryptography, cryptocurrency, machine-learning and Internet of Things privacy and security. To a degree unusual for an academic-based research team, the Cornell Tech Security Group (CTSG) will consult regularly with industry practitioners to drive and inform best practices and the group’s research. “Cybersecurity touches nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from consumer privacy to the security of corporations and governments and, increasingly, to criminal investigations,” said Cornell Tech Dean…

Link to Full Article: Cornell Tech forms cybersecurity research team

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