Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow

Session 1: Introduction to TensorflowWe’ll cover the importance of data with machine and deep learning algorithms, the basics of creating a dataset, how to preprocess datasets, then jump into Tensorflow, a library for creating computational graphs built by Google Research. We’ll learn the basic components of Tensorflow and see how to use it to filter images. Session 2: Training A Network W/ TensorflowWe’ll see how neural networks work, how they are “trained”, and see the basic components of training a neural network. We’ll then build our first neural network and use it for a fun application of teaching a neural network how to paint an image. Session 3: Unsupervised And Supervised LearningThis session goes deep. We create deep neural networks capable of encoding a large dataset, and see how we…

Link to Full Article: Creative Applications of Deep Learning with TensorFlow

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