Creative Robots? Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence Is Getting Imagination

Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum and is being increasingly used across industries, but more importantly, the lines between artificial and human intelligence are getting blurred. Google is blurring them even further by endowing artificial intelligence with imagination. Google owned AI lab and DeepMind is working on endowing AI with imagination which would open vast possibilities for the technology — AI would be able to reason through decisions, make plans for the future, and even dream. Read: AI Legal Eagle: Artificial Intelligence Chatbot To Provide Counselling In All 50 States AI isn’t replacing humans just yet, and it might never be able to even, given the fact that it is based on algorithms. The only problem with Google AI is that it will use algorithms that can easily adapt to changing conditions, even those it hasn’t been programmed for. On its website, DeepMind explained how imagination in the context of AI will work. It said: “When placing a glass on the edge of a table, for example, we will likely pause to consider how stable it is and whether it might fall. On the basis of that imagined consequence, we might readjust the glass to prevent it from falling and breaking. This form of…

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