CSV file write problem

Here is my code: test_file = open(‘C:/Users/ABC/Downloads/test.csv’, ‘rt’) test_file_object = csv.reader(test_file) header = test_file_object.__next__() predictions_file = open(“genderclassmodel.csv”, “wt”,newline=”) p = csv.writer(predictions_file) p.writerow([“PassengerId”, “Survived”]) for row in test_file_object: # We are going to l # in the test set for j in range(number_of_price_brackets): # For each passenger we # loop thro each price bin try: # Some passengers have no # Fare data so try to make row[8] = float(row[8]) # a float except: # If fails: no data, so bin_fare = 3 – float(row[1]) # bin the fare according Pclass break # Break from the loop if row[8] > fare_ceiling: # If there is data see if # it is greater than fare # ceiling we set earlier bin_fare = number_of_price_brackets-1 # If so set to highest bin break #…

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