‘Daddy’s Car’ Is A Pop Song Composed By Artificial Intelligence

So we know that robots can already write articles, we’ve seen them critique art, and we’ve also seen them write episodes for TV, and we’ve also heard about robots acting in movies, so basically it sounds like almost no job is safe from robots, and now it looks like that bleak future is starting to prove itself. Researchers at Sony have recently uploaded a song onto YouTube in which it was revealed that the song was written by their AI. “Scientists at SONY CSL Research Laboratory have created the first-ever entire songs composed by Artificial Intelligence: ‘Daddy’s Car’ and ‘Mister Shadow’. The researchers have developed FlowMachines, a system that learns music styles from a huge database of songs. Exploiting unique combinations of style transfer, optimization and interaction techniques, FlowMachines composes…

Link to Full Article: ‘Daddy’s Car’ Is A Pop Song Composed By Artificial Intelligence

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