Data, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence: Where is AI Innovation Taking Society?

TRNN is giving us real understanding of the issues and a way around the corporate news spin. – heylair Log in and tell us why you support TRNN transcript LYNN FRIES: This is the Real News Network. I’m Lynn Fries in Geneva. In this program, we feature an intellectual property news story on artificial intelligence. Reported by our guest, Catherine Saez, a senior writer at Geneva Base Intellectual Property Watch, Catherine Saez reports the news on international, intellectual property across a wide range of topics. For example, the interaction of the global IP system and climate change and the rights of farmers to seeds. And with breakneck speed, news of IP licensing agreements, like for example, faster, cheaper gene editing techniques. The UN system here in Geneva is a key forum for policy negotiations over these topics and far more. Catherine Saez is a regular inside the corridors of key UN institutions, where she closely follows and reports on IP news in the making.The artificial intelligence summit featured in this program was hosted by ITU, the UN specialized agency for information and communications technologies. Here’s a clip from the summit website.Clip Narrator: On the industrial side, the car industry is…

Link to Full Article: Data, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence: Where is AI Innovation Taking Society?

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