Classical machine learning and statistics datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository and other sources. The datasets package defines two different kinds of datasets: small data sets which are directly (or indirectly with file-embed) embedded in the package as pure values and do not require network or IO to download the data set. This includes Iris, Anscombe and OldFaithful. other data sets which need to be fetched over the network with Numeric.Datasets.getDataset and are cached in a local temporary directory. import Numeric.Datasets (getDataset) import Numeric.Datasets.Iris (iris) import Numeric.Datasets.Abalone (abalone) main = do — The Iris data set is embedded print (length iris) print (head iris) — The Abalone dataset is fetched abas <- getDataset abalone print (length abas) print (head abas) Properties Versions 0.1.0,, 0.2,,,, 0.2.1,…

Link to Full Article: datasets-0.2.2

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