David Eagleman: ‘Humans are real storytelling animals’

David Eagleman: ‘We could put you on a jump drive, shoot you out to the next galaxy and boot you up…’ Photograph: Brian Birzer/PR The Brain investigates ways we might “hack” our neural hardware to substitute and add senses. Can you give an illustration? In my lab we’ve developed a Vest [Variable Extra-Sensory Transducer] that’s covered with little vibratory motors so that we can pass new kinds of data streams to the brain as moving patterns on the skin. And what we’ve already been able to demonstrate is that we can circumvent deafness by capturing sound and converting it to patterns on the torso so that a deaf person can come to understand the auditory world. For a deaf person their only option is a cochlear implant, which is $40,000…

Link to Full Article: David Eagleman: ‘Humans are real storytelling animals’

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