Deep Learning Advances May Pave Way Toward AI-Made Drugs

Researchers in the field of artificial intelligence may pave way to AI that can create new drugs by learning how to mix and match molecules in effective patterns. This project may hold new applications for deep learning models as this may prove just how well they work in identifying patterns in complex natural structures. Harvard chemistry professor Alan Aspuru-Guzik said humans could be better chemists if they have AI assistants. The system aims to allow a deep neural network to “explore intuitively” using chemical knowledge, like how chemists would. The system has a database with thousands of drug molecules and, using deep learning, will try to work out and see what fits with patterns. This is called a generative model and is already used in autocomplete features. He said this is…

Link to Full Article: Deep Learning Advances May Pave Way Toward AI-Made Drugs

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