Deep Learning On A Stick: Movidius’ ‘Fathom’ Neural Compute Stick

Deep learning, a machine learning technique that allows a system to “learn” on its own, became mainstream when Google’s Alphago AI beat the world’s best Go player in four out of five games. Deep learning is now widely considered the Next Big Thing that could significantly improve the lives of both consumers and enterprise customers in the coming years, and many companies are rushing to take advantage of it. We recently saw Nvidia launch the Pascal-based P100 deep learning monster of a chip for large companies and research labs, and now we’re seeing Movidius launch its Fathom neural compute stick, which can give embedded devices a big deep learning boost, as well. The Fathom stick comes with a Myriad 2 “vision processing unit” (VPU). The first generation Myriad chip was…

Link to Full Article: Deep Learning On A Stick: Movidius’ ‘Fathom’ Neural Compute Stick

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