Deep learning possible in embedded systems thanks to TrueNorth

Scientists at IBM Research – Almaden have demonstrated that the TrueNorth brain-inspired computer chip, with its 1 million neurons and 256 million synapses, can efficiently implement inference with deep networks that approach state-of-the-art classification accuracy on several vision and speech datasets. This will open up the possibilities of embedding intelligence in the entire computing stack from the Internet of Things, to smartphones, to robotics, to cars, to cloud computing, and even supercomputing. TrueNorth data set samples. The novel architecture of the TrueNorth processor can classify image data at between 1,200 and 2,600 frames per second while using a mere 25 to 275 mW, which is effectively greater than 6,000 fps per Watt. Like that kung fu master in the movies who simultaneously fights assaults from many opponents, this processor can…

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