DeepBach: The AI System Producing 21st-Century Classics

Germany composer Johann Sebastian Bach remains a staple in classical music. His illustrious works such as Brandenburg Concertos, the Goldberg variations and Mass B minor remain some of the most powerful pieces ever made. Bach spent over 50 years perfecting his ability to adapt rhythms, forms and textures from styles abroad. Many regard him as one of the greatest composers to have ever lived. And one new artificial intelligence system can recreate Bach’s biggest achievements in just minutes. Fast forward to the 21st century where music is created by statistical models and artificial intelligence in no time. DeepBach, an AI employing an agnostic machine-learning approach, produces music that would intrigue Bach himself. Gaetan Hadjeres and François Pachet developed DeepBach. The system has the ability to ‘compose’ Bach-style polyphonic choral music indistinguishable from its 18th-century…

Link to Full Article: DeepBach: The AI System Producing 21st-Century Classics

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