DeepBeat uses deep learning to help you write rap

So, you’ve got the stage presence and you’ve got the moves, the only thing you need to become the next great rapper is, uh … stuff to rap about. Well, researchers from Finland’s Aalto University, HIIT (Helsinki Institute for Information Technology) and the University of Helsinki may be able to help. Their DeepBeat machine learning algorithm can help shmucks like us create rap lyrics, with a little help from the pros. DeepBeat was originally created as a machine learning research tool, but just recently became available online for public use. It utilizes a database that currently consists of 641,000 lines of lyrics (in English and Finnish), drawn from 12,500 songs performed by 100 established rap artists. Users start by selecting a topic that they wish to rap about, or even…

Link to Full Article: DeepBeat uses deep learning to help you write rap

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