Deeper learning: More crucial than ever, and yet too rare

What does it mean to learn deeply?  A group of researchers who’ve studied that approach say it’s more than mastering a subject.  Students in deep-learning classrooms are able to explain why they are learning something, and to apply what they’ve learned. But that kind of instruction occurs in only about one in five classrooms, a recent study of high schools across the country found.  And those classrooms are more likely to be in private schools, or public schools serving affluent communities. And that’s a problem, the researchers say, given that our changing economy demands that students be able to think critically. The concept of deeper learning is “not exactly new,” but it’s taken on a greater urgency, researcher Jal Mehta said last week at the Education Writers Association’s national conference…

Link to Full Article: Deeper learning: More crucial than ever, and yet too rare

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