DeepMind’s founder says to build better computer brains, we need to look at our own

After decades in the wilderness, AI has swaggered back onto center stage. Cheap computer power and massive datasets have given researchers alchemical powers to turn algorithms into gold, and the deep pockets (and marketing prowess) of Silicon Valley’s tech giants haven’t hurt either. But despite warnings from some that the creation of super-intelligent AI is just around the corner, those working in computational coal mines are more realistic. They point out that contemporary AI programs are extremely narrow in their abilities; that they’re easily tricked, and simply don’t possess those hard-to-define but easy-to-spot skills we usually sum up as “common sense.” They are, in short, not that intelligent. The question is: how do we get to the next level? For Demis Hassabis, founder of Google’s AI powerhouse DeepMind, the answer lies within us. Literally. In a review published in the journal Neuron today, Hassabis and three co-authors argue that the field of AI needs to reconnect to the world of neuroscience, and that it’s only by finding out more about natural intelligence can we truly understand (and create) the artificial kind. The review takes a tour through the history and future of AI, and points out where collaboration with the…

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