Dept of Neuroscience Researchers Featured in The New Yorker

Dr. David Linden and Dr. Xinzhong Dong’s research regarding touch featured in the May 16th 2016 issue of The New Yorker.  Excerpts appears below.  …. Or we begin to get the jumps at feeling a cell phone vibrate that isn’t there. I’d feel a distinct, small buzzing, would reach down and—nothing. I thought maybe some nerve ending in my thigh had become so habituated to the vibration that it had gone into permanent iPhone spasm. In fact, as the neuroscientist David Linden explained to me, it involves a predictable misread by something called a Pacinian corpuscle. “The phantom cell phone is such a widespread thing,” Linden says. We were speaking in his office at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore. “I think something like ninety per cent of college students report it…

Link to Full Article: Dept of Neuroscience Researchers Featured in The New Yorker

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