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DeepLearning4j is perhaps the more visible project, there are a number of other projects that you should be familiar with – and may consider contributing to. These include: DeepLearning4J: Contains all of the code for learning neural networks, both on a single machine and distributed. ND4J: “N-Dimensional Arrays for Java”. ND4J is the mathematical backend upon which DL4J is built. All of DL4J’s neural networks are built using the operations (matrix multiplications, vector operations, etc) in ND4J. ND4J is how DL4J supports both CPU and GPU training of networks, without any changes to the networks themselves. Without ND4J, there would be no DL4J. Canova: Canova handles the data import and conversion side of the pipeline. If you want to import images, video, audio or simply CSV data into DL4J: you…

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