Difficulty Parsing Language? Check Out Google’s New AI

In its effort to improve AI’s ability to learn and understand the ambiguity and complexities of human language, Google has open-sourced Parsey McParseface powered by SyntaxNet. These two pieces of NLU programming is free for use, distribution, and modification by other developers to hasten the development of human-like computers. In general, humans by nature are good at parsing sentences which means having the ability to identify and comprehend individual parts and functions of a sentence to understand the whole meaning of a statement. This ambiguity in spoken and written language makes parsing a challenge for artificial intelligence (AI) programs. Here comes Google attempting to give AI more human-like attributes- the ability to grasp human speech and text. Recently, the Silicon Valley search giant is offering the source code for parsing…

Link to Full Article: Difficulty Parsing Language? Check Out Google’s New AI

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