Elon Musk, tech behemoths invest bn in open-source AI research

High-profile tech firms and entrepreneurs are pouring $1 billion in the future of open-source artificial intelligence. Research in the artificial intelligence field has come a long way in recent years. We’ve progressed beyond predictive analytics towards deep learning, such as those used in IBM’s Watson supercomputer, which promotes the use architectures which allow a machine to generate its own algorithms based on data — rather than developers inputting single algorithms and instructions for certain problems. These advances give machines abilities far beyond coded responses, including elements such as image recognition, translation, speech recognition and pattern analysis systems. AI researchers want to reach the pinnacle point where systems possess humanlike intelligence. At the moment, AI systems today are impressive but limited — and have the potential to benefit humanity (as well…

Link to Full Article: Elon Musk, tech behemoths invest bn in open-source AI research

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