Facebook Aims Its AI at the Game No Computer Can Crack

In the mid-’90s, a computer program called Chinook beat the world’s top player at the game of checkers. Three years later, to much fanfare, IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer won its chess match against reigning world champion Gary Kasparov. And in 2011, another IBM machine, Watson, topped the best humans at Jeopardy!, the venerable TV trivia game show. Machines can now beat the best humans at a wide range of games traditionally held up as tests of intellect, from Scrabble to Othello. But there’s one notable pastime where we humans still come out of top: the game of Go.With all those other games, computers can win by, in essence, analyzing the many possible outcomes of every possible move. Yes, a chess grandmaster like Kasparov can look ahead in a similar way. But a…

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