Facebook: Our AI will give everyone ‘superpowers’

Most days you learn something new: that your train to work is habitually five minutes late or that you can no longer disguise your fast-retreating hairline. In response, you resign yourself to winding back your alarm and investing in a buzzcut. Unfortunately machines are typically less pragmatic, incapable of learning as they go and reassessing their approach to the world in this way. Once their instructions have been issued computers will follow them to the letter, even when circumstances dictate they should do otherwise. Even systems deemed capable of learning generally absorb information in a very different manner to people – learning everything up front during training sessions in which they ingest huge amounts of human-labelled data or pick out recurring patterns from datasets. Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer  Image: Facebook…

Link to Full Article: Facebook: Our AI will give everyone ‘superpowers’

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