Facebook wants to teach you how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works!

Facebook releases a series of videos to explain how AI aka artificial intelligence works What is Artifical Intelligence or AI? If you thought it was some technical mumbo jumbo which only nerds and geeks understand, you are wrong. Yann LeCun and Joaquin Quiñonero Candela who run Facebook’s Artificial Intelligence Lab and Applied Machine Learning group respectively, have trying to explain to the layman how exactly AI works. Both LeCun and Candela have advised students interested in learning artificial intelligence (AI) to learn more maths. Facebook is trying to dispel some of the stigma and pop-culture myths that surround AI with a series of six instructional videos that try to explain this complicated field of computer science. The timing of the AI campaign comes after critics have slammed Facebook for its role…

Link to Full Article: Facebook wants to teach you how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works!

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