Facebook’s Language-Creating AI Bots Are Now Required to Negotiate in English

In Brief After Facebook researchers discovered their artificially intelligent chatbots created a new language to more efficiently negotiate, they decided to tweak the systems to require that they use English. This raises the question of whether the “new language” should be allowed it it means the systems would be better equipped to meet their goals. A Secret Language While developing negotiating chatbot agents, researchers at the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) lab noticed back in June that the artificially intelligent (AI) bots had spontaneously developed their own non-human language. Click to View Full Infographic In a report explaining their research, they noted that this development spawned from the systems’ goal of improving their negotiation strategies — the system of code words they started to use were clearly designed to maximize the efficiency of their communication. Although the bots started out speaking English, the researchers realized they failed to provide a reward for speaking English. In other words, the systems had no reason to stick to English as it didn’t contribute to their end goal of becoming more efficient negotiators. In fact, the systems had multiple incentives to veer away from the language, the same way communities of humans with expertise or niche knowledge create and use…

Link to Full Article: Facebook’s Language-Creating AI Bots Are Now Required to Negotiate in English

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