FoxType Machine Learning Helps You Write More Polite Emails

Email has come a long way since its humble beginnings, but not all the modifications made to it along the way have been valuable. Navigating the mishmash of folders, labels, archives, and tabs while trying to preserve a train of thought is every working professional’s 8 AM nightmare. The onerous logistics is only one aspect of the problem; it turns out that email is also notorious for being rather emotionally taxing.In a survey conducted by Sendmail Inc., 43% of participants responded saying email is the communication medium most likely to cause resentment. 64% had sent or received mails that had resulted in unmeant confusion or anger. While that explains the abundance of email etiquette courses online, there are some startups looking to provide a simpler (and duh, more automated) solution to the…

Link to Full Article: FoxType Machine Learning Helps You Write More Polite Emails

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