Funnel algorithm on actual 3D data

Hello, so recently I’ve jumped out of graphics and tried some path finding and navmesh generation. My workflow works as following: – take set of models that are going to form NavMesh, and voxelize them – triangulate isosurface on the voxels using Marching Cubes (or similar) algorithm -> this is my navmesh (now in my example it is something closely resembling sphere) – generate navmesh (e.g. a graph when nodes are triangles and edges are connecting always 2 neighboring triangles). – take 2 random points and find a set of nodes (triangles) between them (A-star) Up to this point, it is quite simple and fast (and working). Now I’ve decided to implement some sort of path smoothing – I’ve examined the algorithm at – which is actually quite good and it…

Link to Full Article: Funnel algorithm on actual 3D data

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