Geoff Johnson: Teachers know learning styles are different

Almost every week in the new year, we can expect to see a report quoting some academic from somewhere debunking what we had come to accept as common knowledge. I’m not talking about challenging the kind of harmless popular wisdom that insists bananas grow on trees (they don’t — bananas grow on a herbaceous plant called a Musa acuminata). Or how we fret every Christmas that we have irresponsibly decorated the house with lethal poinsettias when, according to the Mayo Clinic, the worst that can happen is a mild, itchy rash from the sap or stomachache, diarrhea or vomiting from eating the plant. They will not kill your cat, either (although tulips and amaryllis might). Then there is the long-held idea that we have five primary senses: taste, sight, smell,…

Link to Full Article: Geoff Johnson: Teachers know learning styles are different

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