Glassdoor’s Best 25 Jobs List Ranks Data Scientist No. 1

Move over physician’s assistant. Data scientists grabbed the top spot on Glassdoor’s ranking of the 25 best jobs to have in America in 2016, while last year’s best job dropped to No. 7 on the list.Glassdoor assesses positions based on the number of job openings, salary, and career opportunities, the organization said on its website.There were more than 1,700 job openings for anyone skilled in data science, and employees can expect an annual salary of $116,870. If you’re curious about what exactly a data scientist does all day, Forbes gave this insight: “A ‘data scientist’ typically refers to a mix of skills, part statistician and part computer programmer. For instance, data scientists often have to employ computer code (like the Python programming language) to scrape the web for data that…

Link to Full Article: Glassdoor’s Best 25 Jobs List Ranks Data Scientist No. 1

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