Google: AlphaGo victory paves way for an AI-first world

GOOGLE HAS SAID that the firm’s AlphaGo victory paves the way for an “AI-first world” as it shows the potential of artificial intelligence to bring new capabilities to the firm’s services. Google CEO Sundar Pichai believes that the success of AlphaGo in beating the world’s best Go players proves that AI is on the cusp of huge achievements. “As many of you saw last month, DeepMind’s AlphaGo has been making great strides. It was a privilege to play legendary Go player Lee Sedol in such an important milestone for AI,” he said. “This is another step towards creating AI that could help us with everything from our daily tasks to potentially bigger challenges like climate change and cancer diagnosis.” Pichai explained that Google and the wider tech world will move…

Link to Full Article: Google: AlphaGo victory paves way for an AI-first world

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