Google Beats Facebook in Race to Beat Unbeatable Game

There’s a machine war in Silicon Valley. And the battlefield is a very, very old board game. Point: Google. On Wednesday, DeepMind, the taciturn artificial intelligence arm of the search engine, made a big announcement: Its program has defeated a champion human Go player. It’s a big deal because the complex board game, developed in China millennia ago, is considered the quintessential unsolved problem for machine intelligence. DeepMind announced its accomplishment in a paper published in the research journal Nature. The paper, authored by 20 DeepMind researchers, “will surely be received as an historical milestone in AI,” Nature senior editor Tanguy Chouard said in a call with reporters. January 28 cover of Nature By cracking Go, Google takes a step ahead in the accelerating AI arms race for progress and recruiting (and publicity) with other…

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