Google DeepMind announces a major new plan to conquer ‘StarCraft II’

Blizzard Google’s DeepMind will train artificial intelligence on the game “StarCraft II,” the company announced on Friday. DeepMind, is an AIcompany whose mission is to understand intelligence. Its AlphaGo program beat the famously complicated game of go last spring, has long hinted that it might go after the real-time strategy video game series. “StarCraft,” produced by Blizzard Entertainment, was one of the first major esports games and practically the national sport in South Korea in the 2000s. It emerged as a target for artificial intelligence researchers because of its layered complexity: players must make high-level strategic decisions while also controlling hundreds of units and making countless quick decisions. It helped that Blizzard signed off on attempts by researchers to build AI that could beat the game. Until now, researchers didn’t have access to “StarCraft II.” Now, following the recent effective end of “StarCraft…

Link to Full Article: Google DeepMind announces a major new plan to conquer ‘StarCraft II’

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