Google DeepMind M2M starts dreaming

Add to favoritesResearchers achieve a leap in speed and performance of a machine learning system. Google’s scientific artificial intelligence (AI) research arm DeepMind is seeking to improve machine learning by giving computers the ability to dream. In a paper published online, researchers at DeepMind said they had achieved a leap in the speed and performance of a machine learning system. The paper revealed details about how DeepMind’s new system, dubbed Unsupervised Reinforcement and Auxiliary Learning agent (Unreal), learned to master a three-dimensional maze game called Labyrinth 10 times faster than the current best AI software. Researchers said it can now play the Labyrinth game at 87% the performance of expert human players. Bloomberg reported that DeepMind researchers Max Jaderberg and Volodymyr Mnih jointly wrote via e-mail, “Our agent is far quicker…

Link to Full Article: Google DeepMind M2M starts dreaming

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