Google driverless cars will be on the market by 2020

Dr Irengbam Mohendra SinghTechnological breakthrough is always fun as everyone gets his or her deserts in due course, like Eastern Indian Railways are coming to Manipur by 2020 after 149 years, while driverless cars will be on the global market by 2020. Self-driving computerised cars with artificial Intelligence, especially with “deep learning” (ability of computers to use logarithms to solve problems) are taking humans out of equation. Artificial Intelligence provides the autonomous cars with real time decisions and human perceptions to control actions, such as acceleration, steering, brakes, stopping at traffic lights and changing lanes.Western scientific innovations will continue, altering the world we live in. Driverless cars will take over any jobs that require drivers, such as taxi driving, public transportation, long-haul trucking. In the US, ‘Peloton Technology’ (automated vehicle…

Link to Full Article: Google driverless cars will be on the market by 2020

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