Google Exec Projects Artificial Intelligence to Revolutionize World

Eric Schmidt, the chairman of Alphabet Inc., the parent company that that owns Google, the company that is bringing Internet users the self-driving car and predictive search, claims that the cultural impact of the AI revolution will be comparable to the invention of the Internet and mobile phones. He said the next phase of technological development would be so-called Inventive AI, allowing machines to manage a wider range of challenges amid increasing amounts of data.“Eventually it will be possible to give a computer unstructured data—say, spreadsheets used to manage business records—and receive quality advice on improving operations,” he wrote. Schmidt pointed out that creators and adopters must adhere to three basic principles to provide the appropriate course of AI development and implementation. First, he stressed, AI must be aimed at the “common good,” serving the interests of all people, not only of those who control resources. Schmidt also asserted…

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