Google Isn’t Playing Games With New Chip

ENLARGE Google has been using the Tensor Processing Unit for more than a year to accelerate artificial intelligence applications. Photo: Associated Press By Robert McMillan Robert McMillan The Wall Street Journal CANCEL Biography @bobmcmillan therealrobertmcmillan May 18, 2016 2:57 p.m. ET 0 COMMENTS When Google’s AlphaGo computer program bested South Korean Go champion Lee Se-dol in March, it took advantage of a secret weapon: a microprocessor chip specially designed by Google. The chip sped up the Go-playing software, allowing it to plot moves in the time-limited match and look further ahead in the game. But the processor, built in secret over the last three years and announced on Wednesday, plays a more strategic role in the company. Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., GOOGL -0.44 % has been using…

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