Google Makes Its Artificial Intelligence Software Open Source

Google announced today it will make its artificial intelligence software, TensorFlow, open source. Programmers from anywhere in the world will have free access to use and modify the A.I. code as they see fit.Machine learning will be one of the most powerful forces of technology in the future. The ability for artificial intelligent systems to essentially teach themselves what they need to know by sifting through more data than we can possibly imagine will create programs with an almost limitless potential.Google knows this, of course. Many of Google’s tools already use some version of A.I. to work, such as voice-to-text, language translation, and web search.TensorFlow is touted as five times faster than the company’s predecessor A.I. Distbelief. While the older system was specifically tailored for Google’s internal network of data…

Link to Full Article: Google Makes Its Artificial Intelligence Software Open Source

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