Google open-sources its machine learning platform, TensorFlow

Machine learning is an integral part of what powers our online existences. It’s the technology that helps suggest new Facebook friends and impulse purchases on Amazon. And also a field that Google, unsurprisingly, wants to see grow. In service of this, the search engine giant has open-sourced “TensorFlow,” a scalable machine learning framework that was initially made for internal use in Google’s Machine Intelligence research organisation. Most recently, TensorFlow was used to provide Google Inbox’s automatic e-mail answering “Smart Reply” bot. The corporation describes TensorFlow as faster, smarter, and more flexible than its predecessor, capable of allowing the company to build and train neural networks up to five times faster compared to the first-generation system. It’s also just slick. Any computation that can be expressed as a computational flow graph…

Link to Full Article: Google open-sources its machine learning platform, TensorFlow

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