Google Open Sources Its TensorFlow Machine Learning Engine

Many of Google’s most important products reply upon making computers behave more like people. Whether you’re talking about speech recognition or the new Smart Reply feature of Inbox, you need a machine to understand abstract concepts. Google makes this happen with a machine learning system called TensorFlow, and today the company has decided to open source this platform so anyone around the world can use it for research and product development. TensorFlow is Google’s second-generation machine learning platform, a followup to the original DistBelief engine. Google used DistBelief to make speech recognition work better and build image search into Google Photos, but it was not very scalable as a neural network and was tightly integrated with Google’s internal infrastructure. That made it impractical to share code with researchers or other companies. TensorFlow was built…

Link to Full Article: Google Open Sources Its TensorFlow Machine Learning Engine

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